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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

03- trivia olivia

Her name is Olivia!
Like, what is this actually supposed to be? A fragment of Shakespeare's Twelve Nights?
Oh and I seem to have made a friend today. Somehow. I mean she is really cute! She has nice soft brown hair and is about 2 feet tall. I even brought her home! (i think shes a puppy)

Okay. Back to the topic. Miss Cheerleader is my height, and is popular, and has a name like Olivia. I shall now refer to her as Miss COP.
Did i mention what happened in class this morning? Homeroom was absolutely horrible. I tripped and fell when the teacher called me to stand up. I mean who stands up and falls RIGHT AFTER?! The whole class obviously burst out laughing. I mean it was totally EMBARASSING! Well, Miss COP did help me up, seeing that she sat right beside me. Then she introduced herself and asked if I was okay. I guess I could give her a bonus point under her name.

Anyway, i am now looking at the ugliest frog I have ever seen in my whole life! And I think I am staring at it in bewilderment as the lab teacher explains how 'dia' whatever is done. Its got something to do with cutting the frog up i think!

OH bugger... BRB!

(i think i am going to puke)

miss drama princess
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

02- Just like Twins?

The scorching summer sun radiates heat across the entire school. She steps into class and yet again blinks at the sight of the students. She finds it unbelieveable that no one notices her entrance. Decked out in a pink top and skinny jeans, she glides to her seat, unaware of a particular individual that has indeed noticed her. This individual is among the popular in Prince High and yet her background is a mystery to all.

It's just before class. The students are all obnoxious as always. Urgh. Maybe i'm starting to understand what dad meant by sending me to this dreadful place. No one bothers to even talk to me, which makes it all the more difficult not to think about the girls (and guy) back at Queens. Whats more, there is this cheerleader in homeroom who looks strangely familiar; as if I have seen her before. Perhaps in a dream. Oh! The teacher's here. Will be back soon.
miss drama princess
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Okay. So i managed to survive half of my second day at school! Perfect. Now i just have to do so for the next 375 school days of my 'perfect' life. Well perfect until I came here. Am busy eating my pathetic excuse of a lunch. Fancy having a sandwich for lunch. And to Cindy and Claudie, theres no organic apples! So much for eating healthy. I am so going to put on an extra 20lbs or something.
Well, just about awhile ago, i bumped into miss familiar looking cheerleader. As in I actually bumped her. Well, i could'nt help it, the locker was stuck. I was trying to jerk it open when it suddenly flew wide open and I happened to fall backwards. Thank goodness i had on sneakers and not Jimmy Choos. I dread to think what would happen to my beloved JCs. Well, at least she was nice enough to say sorry. She even smiled. I am not sure if i should be particulary estatic about this. But I guess this school does have its nice people. I suppose...
I'm now waiting for Cook to prepare dinner. I can't for the life of me remember where I have seen that face before! Its just so familiar. And I'm pretty sure its not just some common face. There's something to it. The only weird thing is that everytime we happen to stand beside each other, everyone else stares at us. Like we're twins or something...
WAIT. It can't be right? No... It can't be...
We're both about 5ft 5inch. Around the same height, noticed it during gym class when we stood next to each other. I don't think we look that similar either...
This is a matter worth looking into! Miss Drama Princess shall figure it out!
miss drama princess
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Friday, October 17, 2008

01- Monday Blues

8pm, Sunday

CindyPop13: School's starting tomorrow. How ya feelin?
Dannigirl: Bad. As Bad as could be. I think i'm gonna be sick...
Cloudie:It can't be that BAD. I mean, i heard its really nice there.
Kellboy:Yeah.. Is it really all that bad? With all the mud and stuff?
CindyPop13: Trish said the place was really tranquil.. like perfect for retirement or something.
Dannigirl: BUT I'M NOT ON RETIREMENT! besides, wheres Trish?
Kellboy: Ballet Classes...
Dannigirl: Oh right...
Cloudie: Anyway, U sure u gonna be okay over there?
Dannigirl: If i die, i die... I'll let u know when that happens
Kellboy:Aww, C'mon Dan, it really can't be all that BAD. Give it a try, u might like it=)
Dannigirl: Well i'm pretty sure i won't be enjoying myself. Anyways, i gotta go. School is bright and early tomorrow at 8. Urgh...
CindyPop13: Okay then. Enjoy your first day of school=) we'll miss you!
Kellboy: Yeah. Take care Dan.
Cloudie:Gdnight Girl=) You'll be alright...
Dannigirl: I sure hope so. Night guys...

logging off...

Okay... Maybe i exagerrated a little.... OKAY fine. ALOT. It does'nt rain all that often. And there ARE roads for cars. In fact, my dad made sure that i had a whole house to myself, a squad of 5 maids to wait on me and even a chaffaeur to drive me around. Not to mention that there is internet access. The thing is, I just miss home. I miss the peeps at Queen's Private and I miss my room and I definitely don't want to be spending the next 1 and a half years in this place. And about the mud, I was so upset that i decided to find the muddiest road to walk on. Maybe in spite. and because of that, i soiled my new converse sneakers. It's no big deal really... i have like twenty pairs at home. Anyway, Roberto (pronounced as rooo-bear- toe) is sending me to school in half an hour. And i'm sooo looking forward to it. yeah. i wish. NOT.

I'm sitting in the car in front of the school. I guess it does'nt look too bad. The students have pretty clean clothes. The school building is pretty big. Quite a suprise actually. I was half expecting some dirty, smelly and muddy school ground. Maybe it really is'nt all that bad, Prince High.
Then what on earth did dad mean by experiencing the school of hard knocks? Could it be like the 'Prince and the Pauper'? Where the prince and the pauper exchange places and this school is actually Pauper High! But it's hiding in a prince's costume...
What am i saying?! Oh forget it. I guess i'll just find out soon enough. My dad's not one to joke. So this should be as real as it gets. Wish me luck.
i will survive,
miss drama princess
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I don't believe it! This school totally sucks! No french cuisine for lunch? No proper introduction to the class? And what's with the haughty attitude! No way. It's like i've just stepped into a seperate dimension where no one knows who I am, and no one bothers. And what's with all those bimbo cheerleaders? I mean, Queen's Private is totally different! At least everyone treats me with respect. But here, i'm not worth more than a speck of dust. Urgh! I hate it here! At least lessons were not too bad. I don't see much hope for the next one and a half years of my life. Someone, please air lift me out of here...
so much for a good first day of the week.
totally bad,
miss drama princess
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Urgh. My shoes were giving the word 'muddy' a whole new meaning. I was absolutely certain that I would hate this sorry excuse of a school. This place, this town, these roads, this school and this new room of mine; i hated it all. I guess you could say that this was a city girl's life gone wrong; totally WRONG.

To think that just a week ago, I was the Prima Donna, the queen, the cream of the crop. Just about nothing could go wrong with my life. I was the drama queen, the talented young budding musician. I could play anything from the piano to the violin to the drums. I was the school's ace pupil. And not just any school; i attended Queens Private High, the school for the rich and smart. Which would'nt have been a suprise since my father was the owner of a large chain of private hospitals.

So what on earth went wrong? My Dad.
He came up with some BRILLIANT plan to give me the experience of a lifetime; to spend the rest of my high school life in the School Of Hard Knocks, some unknown school in the middle of some unknown town. Which not to mention was in the middle of.. well.. NOWHERE.

So imagine my excitement when I was packed up and shipped to this Mud wonderland. Where it 'rains all spring, summer, autumn and winter'. "Its going to be fun!"he claims. Yeah, 'fun', when its going to be as close as living in a pond.
So here I am now, walking by the road(that does'nt accomodate cars), trying to make myself feel a whole lot better about all this. School would not be starting till Monday and i'm feeling pretty "estatic" about the whole thing.
I'm gonna miss Cindy, Cluaudie, Trisha and Kelly. No. Wait. Scratch that. I MISS THEM ALREADY!

miss drama princess

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